Happy Day

I really like birthdays.  I grew up in a big busy family.  But when one of us had a birthday, the day slowed down.  A cake was made.  The fine china dessert plates, coffee cups and saucers brought out.  I can see those special days in my mind's eye clearly, still.  I remember voices and my grandma's smile.  I can still feel my grandpa's warm wonderful hug.  I can still here the ting of a coffee cup being set down on a saucer.

Now, in our home, we follow the same traditions.  A birthday is a sacred day.  A birthday is, above all, a slow day. 

We celebrated Eric yesterday.  I even caved to the little one's wishes and purchased a cookie cake from Target, complete with Happy Birthday Eric in extra creamy frosting with little bites of sugar crunch.  Oh, it was a happy moment for all when candles were lit. 

A pace is set.  A wish is settled on.  Magic happens.  

I really like birthdays.


  1. Neat! You know I'm kind of at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to birthdays? ;-) But anything that involves slowing down and cake and Little Man Ice Cream is ALL GOOD! Happy Birthday, Eric!

  2. Happy belated Birthday to Eric! How is it that I don't know abut Little Man Ice Cream? I had to google it! Maybe it's because I am a die hard fan of Lik's and Bonnie Brae and have never had to look further....but maybe I need to try it:)

    1. No need to leave the 'hood. :) We should plan a Bonnie Brae date. And now I need to google Lik's!

  3. I really like them, too! I love your pictures of the day.