Full in Colorado

I barely remember going to bed last night.  In fact, I think I fell in and that was that.  Now it is today.  These sunflower colored days are singin'.  Routine ran off with winter's blanket.  Stifling heat crept in and a layer of smoke from a fire up North blurs the senses.  And after the collected moments of this past weekend, I feel less like my usual fluttering self and more like a bat, flying about in crazy-fast motion, swallowing life joyously and with great abundance.

As fun and packed as the weekend was, I'm tired.  Scratch that - I am flat out exhausted.  Today, I am glad to be back on the ground, gently getting back to my butterfly-like pace.


  1. Love the fence post and sleeping baby pics especially. Those wild flights are fun, but the slower paced life is a better constant diet. =)

  2. there's no denying that you live in the west in these photos. i really enjoyed them.

    1. Jenn, these pics are from Cal and Amanda's house.