Where the Light Is {2/52}

Today's prompt for 52 Photo Project is Let the Sunshine In.

When I first read those words this sliver of our home came racing to mind.  I've written about it before, this slice of ethereal light that shines precisely where my little ones play each day.  On certain days, the rays are heavenly; wide fingers splayed and gleaming down as if saying I choose you and you and youShine and be glorious.  Oh, that fancy, beaming light.  Other days - like yesterday when I shot this photo - the light is more of a canopy, a beautiful glow, soft and quiet, covering all - the fine throw it is, and saying all is well here.

As one who loves photography, I am a light chaser.  Of course you know about that because you are probably one, too.  But I think most of us, lover of the lens or not, gravitate toward the light.

I believe we're drawn to light because whether it's the radiant beams dancing madly all around or the muted caress that soothingly warms us, it's the feeling we're after.  When the sunlight shines so do promises, growth, happiness, hope.

This spot in our house that brightens daily reminds me to come back to my center.  No matter what kind of day it's been.  This spot reminds me that I am - mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend. 

Everything I have in the world is right there in that sliver of light.

"Take me where the light is...
C'mon take me where the light is...
Yeah, take me where the light is..."
-John Mayer {Gravity}


  1. a gorgeous image.
    and your words...well, they took my breath away.

  2. Another beautiful post. Love it.

  3. Excellent photo of such endearing content ~ so magical ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  4. Stellar photo, such love and warmth. And I've long adored that song. Indeed, "Just keep me where the light is."

  5. My favorite kind of photo...unposed, full of story, and brimming with lots of little life details. Awesome.

  6. Thanks for all the sweet comments. xo,k

  7. There's nothing like finding siblings, quiet, still, playing in love and being able to snap it in pictures. You've done a great job of freezing time here.

  8. sweet photo and I love how the b/w enhances the depth of this moment caught with the camera.

  9. Simply lovely. A sense of quiet contentment.

  10. sweet, mama.

    when we bought this house, I forgot to make sure there was enough light coming into it.
    I was postpartum and just nodding my head to buy it because I was in nesting mode.
    not. enough. light.
    next house, I look forward to it.

    1. Oh, but that back yard of yours...a dreamy spot for photos indeed.
      I hear you though. Our house is mostly bright except for the kitchen which bugs me. Gotta have good natural kitchen light. ;)

  11. I love what this space means for you.
    And that light shining on your children = lovely.
    Thank you for linking up this week!!