Welcome Gilt Baby & Kids

I've been really excited to come here and tell you about a company that I think is quite swell.  A few weeks ago I received an invitation to join the manager and marketing manager of Gilt Baby & Kids -a New York City based company- here in Denver.  

I decided to break out of my shell and go, and I am so glad I did.

What ended up happening was a lovely lunch and afternoon spent with some pretty fabulous women - local writers and inspiring business owners.  We chatted about family life in Denver, business, growth, what Colorado mamas like.  And I learned more about this pretty cool company.  One thing that really grabbed me as I learned more about Gilt is their passion for working only with brands that offer high-quality goods.  As someone who has worked for the last eight years in retail/visual merchandising for two well known, extraordinary companies, this is important to me for quite a few reasons.  Watch for brands like Bugaboo, Maclaren, Skip Hop, Tea, and others for great deals for the little ones.  For the mamas, some of my favorite brands to watch for daily deals are Three Dots, Michael Stars, Free People, Theory. 

A few examples of things my boys would love that would also make great gifts.

 Travel the World book sets
Wild Mango hoody
3 Sprouts hooded towel
{images from Gilt Baby & Kids}

Deets:  On Gilt, you will find top names in fashion and luxury goods for up to 60% off.  Membership is free.  Once you join you will receive daily emails of current sales (items and brands are always rotating and things sell out quick - if you see something you really love, grab it).

Between now and August 15th, Owl and Twine readers can join and receive 25% off at checkout for joining.  To get the discount you have to join by clicking on the Gilt Baby & Kids button on my Sponsors list.   If you just go to the website and join you will not receive this special discount. 

Gilt Baby & Kids also has a fun blog Little Inspirations


  1. Gilt - yup. My new pleasure. Thanks for the introduction as I'm sure we'll be great friends with all their great finds. I am in love.

    1. Yes, I'm quite smitten too. :)