The and That

My thoughts are everywhere today.

I am thinking about summer vacations - purchasing flights (ugh!), and can we squeeze in just one more?  I'm thinking about swim lessons - suddenly glad I didn't commit to any summer camps for Theo because surely we'll sneak in just one more... One more camp trip; one more road trip; one more day trip.

I am thinking about all the jam I want to be making.  Strawberry; strawberry-basil; balsamic-strawberry; blackberry-lavender; raspberry-thyme.  Any flavor suggestions?

I'm thinking this business of gardening and caring for the earth is pretty damn rad.  Perhaps one of the best partnerships ever.


The rain came last night.  Rain we have needed so desperately.  I made peace with the trade - super moon sighting vs. moisture - even though I was sad not to see with my own eyes that which I was already seeing posted all over the web.  And then, right around 12:30am when I closed my book and got up to check on my loves one last time before going to bed, I parted the curtains and there she was.  The black sky dotted with hundreds of cotton ball cloud puffs and the moon.  Oh, it took my breath away.  I made as many intentions and prayers as I could on the site of that.  Then I kissed the top of sleeping heads and went to bed.


Right Now {a link list}

Wanting these.

In love with these dresses for little ones.  I've already requested a skirt with that fabric for me!

Reading and loving this book.  Up next, this and then this.

Listening to her.  Love her! 

Making batches of these muffins.  My little two love them.  So does the grown one.

Just treated myself to these {in blue} because it is May, and May is my birthday month!


Some photos from our week...


Happy spring Sunday to You!


  1. What a lovely little week it seems you had. I didn't get to see the moon for real either... it was raining here too. Thanks for the link love!

  2. things in your world sound lovely!

    i'll be curious to hear about the clogs. all four of my pair have seen better days and i keep going back and forth about which kind to buy this time and then of course sizes vary clog to clog...so i'd love to know what you think of yours once they arrive. pretty please :)

    1. Amanda - I'll be sure and let you know. This is my first pair of Lottas. I'm typically a Dansko gal.