A Morning Walk

{Western Meadowlark}

 {White Iris}

This morning I dusted off the stroller, shook out unidentifiable crumbs from our last travel, and strapped Sully in.  I've committed myself to resume my early morning walks.  To lose a few extra pounds is on my agenda, true.  But it's the glimpse of a meadowlark, the quietness of a gently flowing stream, the ethereal folds and lines of the white iris, that really make me want to be back on my path. 


  1. Awesome photos, Katie! I ran this morning (thus the contacts, not glasses) - but missed out on this wonder in my hurry.

  2. Oh Katie, these photos are amazing. It's funny how a morning walk makes such a difference, I've not done them for awhile should start again.

  3. Ohmygod, the meadowlark! Your eye for beauty is amazing.