Good Morning Recipe


Wait for espresso machine's chime.


Kiss the tops of heads as they file out the door.

Open windows wide.  Invite reviving morning air inside.

Turn up the tunes.  Perhaps Josh Ritter radio or Kids Folk radio (grown ups like it too).

Retrieve 2 or 3 fresh (local or organic) eggs.

Crack in a bowl.  Add about 1 teaspoon heavy cream, dash of salt, a few turns of pepper.

Hand little kitchen companion fork (if you have one, fork or little companion) and let him whisk, quickly - or not.

Set pan over medium heat with a pat of butter.

Cook eggs slowly, once again with your companion (supervised, of course), pushing eggs around pan with a wooden spoon, Zen-like.

Retrieve toaster and fresh sourdough bread.  Slice 2 pieces on the thick side.

Add now the love.

Crumble about 1 tablespoon of fresh goat's milk feta on eggs.

Generously slather toast with creamy butter and a heaping teaspoon of homemade jam.

Follow your little companion to the table with two cloth napkins.

Eat bathed in morning's sunlight.

Listen.  To the birdsong and each other.

Take your time.

You have all day.


  1. i had this same type of morning!

    no seriously, i was standing in the kitchen this morning making eggs in a nest and just relishing seeing the pile of bread and the little gathering of eggs and being so caught up in that moment, all sliding around into our spaces at the breakfast table this morning in the sunshine.

  2. I love this type of morning - actually, I just love mornings in general! And there's nothing like breakfast for feeling relaxed. It was my favorite meal of the day before the boys, and it's even more my favorite now.

  3. well, yes, this is the recipe for a perfect morning. love that you allow your little one to help...i do too and it forces me to slow down and notice which is always a good thing.

  4. I am very hungry after reading your delicious morning! The jam looks so pretty in the light :)